Argyle Park Taxis

As a company we have a very proud history and tradition of serving the Wirral, and can trace our routes back to the 1950's. We are honoured to be Wirral's longest standing taxi operator. Argyle Taxis in its current form are a relatively new company formed in 2001 after the amalgamation of two of Wirral's biggest taxi operators Argyle Taxis and Park Taxis who formed to create Argyle Park Taxis.

Since 2001 the company has grown from strength to strength to become Wirral's number one taxi provider, handling in excess of 35,000 jobs per week. With more than 250 vehicles in our fleet we are more than able to provide a car that suits every customer's requirement.

Argyle taxis evolution has been one of a pioneering nature, continually using the most up to date technology at our disposal to enhance customer and driver satisfaction. As a company we are constantly evolving the way in which we work to meet the needs of the people we serve.