Riding a taxi is something most of us do on a daily basis without ever thinking is we are utilizing the optimal resource of this type of service. Well, indeed, a taxi service is a no-brainer, you just make a call or hail one on the stress, get in the car and get out once you are at your designated arrival point. Or is it that simple?

Riding a taxi may turn out to be not as simple and straightforward as you expect. There are some dos and don’ts even with this type of service that is considered the most everyday and simple thing in the world. These tips will help you enjoy your taxi ride next time you get into a car and ensure you get the best from the service while enjoying a standard price and not overpaying.

Tip Number One

It might not be the case for all taxis in all countries around the world, but the general rule is that you don’t want to hire a taxi from just outside the airport. The taxi drivers waiting for clients in front of major airports are usually the ones looking for confused tourists they can easily trick into getting into the car for a significantly higher charge for the service if tourists actually decide to arrange a taxi or a coach service beforehand. In addition, these taxi drivers are usually the ones without a hack or a chauffeur’s license. Now, the potential risk and danger of you overpaying for such a service is pretty obvious, but add to this the fact that these are drivers who are also not meeting the industry’s requirements, which makes them even more dangerous.

Tip Number Two

Once you are outside the airport where you can get a normal taxi service and not a sketchy one that could be a total scam, we recommend you to go to where the cars pull into their lines if this is possible. Since the taxi driver will pay a fee once they enter the line dedicated to taxis, if you are able to catch a taxi before it enters that line, the driver won’t be required to pay the fee, which means they may happily provide you with a discount and you will be able to get a better deal.

Tip Number Three

Before you leave the taxi, make sure to double-check the driver of the vehicle. Also, make sure they know exactly where your destination is and they won’t wander around, looking for the location you need to arrive at since this will cost you more money. In addition, if you feel even a bit suspicious about the driver and your gut feeling tells you they feel sketchy, do not hesitate to simply leave the taxi.

Always go with your gut feeling, at the end of the day it is your safety and well-being on the line here. In case the only issue is that the driver is not exactly sure where your destination is or they do not sound very convincing, you can ask them to require some additional help from a dispatcher. The dispatcher will help the driver to understand exactly where are you going. At the end of the day, it is your money you are paying for every mistake done by the driver and there are almost no drivers who will turn off the meter if they make a mistake, so you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on that, right?

Tip Number Four

In case you and the driver disagree on a fare, the best approach is to let the driver know you will call a policeman and you will allow them to settle the dispute. Now, if the driver is wrong, they will usually back off quickly and you won’t need to overpay for the service. However, if the driver is right, they won’t show any signs they are stressed by the mentioning of police getting involved. In such cases, it is a better idea for you to pay them and go your merry way instead of digging deeper and making things worse for both of you.

Tip Number Five

In some cases around the world, there will be taxis that don’t use a meter and there is a high chance you happen to find yourself in such a car. Don’t worry, this does not mean the taxi service is dangerous or wrong. However, keep in mind that in such cases when the taxi is not using a meter, you have to agree on a fare before you leave for your destination.

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