Taxi Helpline

TAXI HELP LTD have been involved in the Taxi Industry for over 20 years and know the specific needs of taxi drivers and especially how they are effected when an accident occurs. We specialise in providing replacement vehicles and helping taxi drivers with any queries or problems they have. Private and Public Hire Industry and this works well for taxi operators, drivers and insurance companies alike. Understanding that Taxi Drivers are 'self-employed' and their vehicle being off the road directly affects the lives of themselves and their family, we aim to have a replacement vehicle within 24 hours delivered to the door of the client.

To make the process as smooth and convenient as possible, we also fit the taxi's with the necessities that your original vehicle has and a professionally trained file handler will deal with you from beginning to the end of the process. That includes data heads, taxi meters and cb radio's at no extra cost to yourself.