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From the very beginning Premier recognised the opportunity to provide a taxi service that was above and beyond what was normally accepted.

There would be no string vested drivers with cigarettes hanging out of their unshaven faces on Premier! Skips on wheels would also be out of the question, quality vehicles only. So it was 1990, in the middle of a recession, where Premier had its humble beginnings, with just 5 vehicles and the whispers of 'you're doomed to failure' ringing in our ears.

Sleeping on a concrete floor and jumping up to answer any call we might get was the normal state of affairs for the first 18 months. Gradually, by giving excellent customer service, the business blossomed and grew. With all available money being immediately re-invested into upgrading vehicles and equipment growth continued.

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296 Lytham Road

Blackpool, FY1 6EY
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