Black Taxi Cab Tours

Black Taxi Cab Tours was formed by a Licensed London Black Taxi driver and his business partner, to provide an on-line booking service for genuine London Black Cabs. We believe that the standards we set, and our very honest approach to the way that we conduct our business, will prove to be it's success. We aim to remain top of the list when it comes to Taxi Tours of London.

In our daily job, we have learnt that visitors to this great city will most likely only be here once in their lifetime, so on that basis, we compiled a comprehensive selection of all the major tourist attractions, and a vast selection of all of the major historical events that have taken place here for the best part of the past 2000 years. Our tour co-ordinator's (who have many years of experience in every area of London), have carefully designed all of our London tours, to include a balanced mix from both selections.