Apollo Taxis Lea Valley

Apollo Taxis stated out in 1998, with just 2 Taxis operating from a small office in Waltham Abbey. The reason for our growth is to give customers the best possible service a Taxi Company can give. We achieve this by constantly looking at ways to improve. Unlike other Taxi companies where the drivers sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring or customers to walk in, our available Taxis are spread throughout the area. The second you have finished booking a Taxi, the computer dispatches the nearest Taxi to you.

We do not use radios, those days are long gone. Each car is fitted with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), this not only displays the pick up address, it directs the driver where to go, however this feature is very rarely required by our knowledgable drivers. In the office at the same time, all drivers can be tracked, to get an overall picture of what is happening.